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Functional Programming in Javascript

gain an advanced understanding of the mathematics behind functional programming

Book Description

Note: This is not an Introductory book in Javascript. The reader must have at least a couple of years of Javascript experience. Please read the Sample pdf to get an idea about the content of the book, also browse some of the JsFiddles here []
This book goes beyond the introductory ideas of functional programming, while progressively building on practical examples in a comprehensive manner. Each example is accompanied by online autonomous js fiddle javascript code [],

which you can run fork and modify, in order to deepen your understanding of each section.
By the end of this book, you will have a deep understanding of the ideas behind functional JavaScript that will allow you to program in a functional style with confidence. Also, you will have an overview of how famous functional libraries like Ramda, Folktale, Sanctuary, etc. have implemented the different functional concepts. 

  1.  Go beyond the by understanding how to generalize the idea of map to Functors like Maybe, Either and Promises, etc.
  2. Go beyond the idea of Array.reduce by understanding the concepts of fold and catamorphism over data structures.
  3. Use Monads like Maybe, Either, IO, Continuations, and Promises to chain computations.         
  4. Get a deep understanding of recursive methods and learn how to define recursive methods on algebraic data structures.

Watch the Videos

you can also take a look of some of the video lectures
accompanying the ebook 

The Book

$ 10
  • Includes:
  • Functional Programming in Javascript
  • Functional Programming in TypeScript 

Book and Video Lectures

$ 15
  • video lectures
  • Functional Programming in Javascript
  • Functional Programming in TypeScript 
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